Data Dictionary

The following information has been used to describe and distinguish the important features of the trees species included in this Guide to Trees of Papua New Guinea. A brief explanation of each of the terms used in this Data Dictionary, together with images, is provided to assist the user to identify the trees included in this Guide.

The Data Dictionary is based on several interactive identification tools that have been developed. In particular, the features used in this Guide were based on the features used in the following keys: FloraBase (2005), Hyland & Whiffin (1993), Jarvie & Ermayanti (2005), Thiele & Adams (1999), and Webb et al. (2005).

Although the use of technical terms is reduced to a minimum, the definition of the terms that are used is based, in part, on Conn (1979), Radford et al. (1974) and Womersley (1978).