PNGTreesKey – Caldcluvia


Barry Conn (NSW) & Kipiro Damas (LAE).
Guide to trees of Papua New Guinea
Copyright held by the authors, National Herbarium of New South Wales, and Papua New Guinea National Herbarium


Family: Cunoniaceae

Timber Group: Occasional timber species

Field Characters: Large canopy tree (45 m high); Bole cylindrical (35 cm diam.); straight (30 m high); buttresses buttresses absent; spines spines absent; aerial roots aerial roots absent; stilt roots stilt roots absent; Bark brown, rough, scaly or flaky; Subrhytidome (under-bark) orange or brown; less than 25 mm thick, 10.0; bark blaze consisting of one layer; strongly aromatic; outer blaze pink or brown, markings absent, fibrous; inner blaze pink or brown, markings absent, fibrous; bark exudate (sap) present, colourless, not readily flowing (spotty), colour not changing on exposure to air, not sticky; terminal buds not enclosed by leaves.

Leaves: Leaves opposite (in pairs, opposite one another on the branchlet).

Flowers: Cones absent; flowers bisexual, with many planes of symmetry; perianth present, with distinct sepals and petals whorls; 5, free; stamens 10, present, free of each other, free of the perianth; ovary superior, carpels joined (when more than one), locules 2; styles free.

Distribution: Morobe.

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