Plant Collectors of Papua New Guinea

Barry J. Conn, Linn Linn Lee & Tory Kuria

Project Summary

Information on many of the plant collectors in Papua New Guinea has been provided by M.J. van Steenis-Kruseman (1950, 1973). The aim of this website is to focus specifically on the staff, both expatriate and local, of the Papua New Guinea National Herbarium (LAE) and the Lae Botanic Gardens. Collectors from other branches of the Papua New Guinea National Forest Authority will also be included, with particular emphasis on collectors from the former Papua New Guinea Forestry College, Bulolo (now part of the Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Lae).

Project Team:

Project Leader: Barry J. Conn (National Herbarium of New South Wales)
Project Programmer and Web Designer: Linn Linn Lee (National Herbarium of New South Wales)
Papua New Guinea Coordinator: Tory Kuria (Papua New Guinea National Herbarium)

Management of Project:

The project is jointly managed by the LAE and NSW herbaria. The IT infrastructure has been developed, implemented and managed by NSW, with collector's biographical information managed within the New South Wales Collections database, held at the National Herbarium of New South Wales (NSW) (KE EMu Software 1998-2005).

Web-access to PNGplants data:

The electronic records of the collector's biographical information are here made available via the Plants of Papua New Guinea website.

How to Cite:

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