Plant Collectors of Papua New Guinea

Full name: New Guinea Forests (NGF) Collection Series
The NGF forest tree collection series began in 1944, under the Australian Forces forestry unit directed by J.B. McAdam. More than 2000 collection numbers were made before cessation of operations. The series was resumed by the Department of Forests, Territory of Papua New Guinea in 1946 (see Reference, below). The final number in this series was NGF49999, in February 1970. However, earlier numbers, not used by previous collectors, were applied to collections gathered after this date.

Reference: D.G. Frodin & J.L. Gressitt, in J.L. Gressitt (1982). Biological exploration of New Guinea, pp. 87-130. In J.L. Gressitt (Ed.) Biogeography and Ecology of New Guinea (Dr W. Junk Publishers: The Hague).

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