Plant Collectors of Papua New Guinea

Full name: Mr Richard Parkinson
German New Guinea Company 1890 - 1891
Established first Plantation at Ralum, New Britain 1882 -
Born 1844 at Augustenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Died 1909 at Herbertshöhe, Bismarck Archipelago, New Britain, Papua New Guinea
Was first in Samoa and went to the Bismarck Archipelago in 1882; in December of that year he assisted in founding the first plantation at Ralum, New Britain. From about 1890-91 in the employ of the German New Guinea Company. Author of some books and ethnographical papers on his stay in the Pacific. Some plants were named in his honour. Collecting localities: Bismarck Archipelago, N of NE. New Guinea. After a 2 years’ voyage to New Zealand, the Viti (= Fiji) and Tonga Islands, arriving in Samoa (Nov. 1877), staying till 1882. Sailing from Sydney (early in Oct. 1882) and via Mioko to Neu Pommern (= New Britain), settling at Ralum plantation, Blanche Bay. He made many tours by boat along the E. and part of the N. coast of New Britain; visiting Kaije Volcano; failing endeavour to climb the Wuna Kokor (= Beautemps-Beaupré Mt., later named Varzinberg) on account of the hostile attitude of the natives (Aug. 1883); 2nd, then successful, endeavour (1884); on another occasion visiting the S. slope of this mountain and the woody valley of the Mana Wiwio, between Kaile and Waikiri; boat tour (Apr. 1885) along the E. coast of New Britain, discovering Put-Put Harbour; ascent of the Wuna Kokor (Aug. 1885), then rebaptized Varzinberg; probably in 1887 a tour by boat to some of the island-groups situated E and SE of New Ireland, visiting Mortlock Islands, Ontong Java (Lord Howe Isl.), Stewart, Solomon, and Carteret Islands.3-1893. Tour by boat in company with Kärnbach (see there) (July 12-20).-1894. Early in the year sailing with Bishop Louis Couppé from Kinigunan on the Blanche Bay, along the E. coast of New Britain, going up part of the Karawat River.4-1895. Ontong Java and Tasman Islands.5 -1896. End of March with Alb. Hahl to the E. coast of Gazelle Peninsula, making a trip in the Baining Mts (Apr. 12); back to Herbertshöhe (13).6 -1898. In the ‘Möwe’ under Capt. Merten to the western boundary of former Kaiser-Wilhelmsland (N. New Guinea); at the mouth of the Babué River (Neumayer Fluss) (July 6) and during 5 weeks surveying 30 sea-miles of the coast.7-1905. Tour to St Matthias Isl. (Apr. 23), Kerue (21) and Tench Isl. (Apr. 18 for the 1st time). Source: National Herbarium Nederland.

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