Plant Collectors of Papua New Guinea

Full name: Dr Peter Francis Stevens
Missouri Botanical Gardens, St Louis, MO, USA -
University of Missouri, St Louis, MO, USA -
Harvard University, Cambridge, MASS, USA 1973 -
Papua New Guinea National Herbarium 1970 - 1973
Duties: Botanist, Collector, Lecturer

"Dr. Peter Stevens, professor in biology, will retire at the end August 2014. He will hold the position of Founders Professor for the next three years as well as become a Professor Emeritus. Dr. Stevens joined the Biology faculty at the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 1999, leaving Harvard University where he was curator of the Arnold Arboretum and the Gray Herbarium. He spent a number of years studying plant species of the heath family from New Guinea. More recently he has maintained the Angiosperm (flowering plants) Plant Phylogeny Website hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden, an invaluable resource to all those studying evolution of plants above the species level. He is also a contributing member of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group, which is responsible for revising the phylogeny of flowering plants as needed. While at UMSL, he served on the committee or was the primary mentor of 30 graduate students who have completed their degrees, and for another 5 students still in progress. He served as Scientific Director of the Harris Center from 2003-2009, and Chair of the Biology Department 2007-2010." (Piper Notes 20 (2), JUNE 2014

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