Plant Collectors of Papua New Guinea

Full name: Mr Joseph Wiakabu
Papua New Guinea National Herbarium 1975 - 2006
Died 11 Dec 2007 at Magued, Daguain (East Sepik, Papua New Guinea).
Duties: Field Assistant/Collector

Notes: Mr Joseph Wiakabu of the Papua New Guinea National Herbarium (LAE) died 11 December 2007. He was admitted to the Wewak hospital on the 27th of November and was discharged on the 4th of December 2007. He was later re-admitted to Dagau Health Centre and discharged on the 10th of December. He died the following day from a hepatoma at his village, Magued in Daguain (East Sepik). Joe joined the LAE staff in 1975 and retired in 2006. His plant collections include: April-May 1975: Star Mountains (West Sepik) with N.A (Artis) Vinas; March 1977: Itikunumu and near Owens Corner (Central) with Micky Benjamin (the first female Papua New Guinean botanist employed at LAE); June 1977: Yano Logging Area and from near Kupiono (Central); December 1977: Markham Bridge (Morobe); July 1978: Daru (Western province); January 1979: Lae Botanic Gardens (Morobe); May 1980: Baiyer River Santuary (Western Highlands); June 1980: Divide between Jimmi and Trauna Valley (Western Highlands); July 1980: Lae Botanic Gardens (Morobe); 1981: Mt Karoma (Southern Highlands) with J-F. Veldkamp; January 1982: Lae Botanic Gardens (Morobe); August 1999: Josephastaal Forest Management Area (Madang) with W. Takeuchi; July 2003 Lae Botanic Gardens (Morobe) with D. Crayn, R. Banka and E. Sape. Joe was a quiet gentle person who will be sadly missed.(Author: B.J. Conn December 2007)

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